Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden is a one-hour drive by car from the house. There are also good bus links between Stockholm and Norrtalje and then onward to Furusund. Bus information can be found at:

If you prefer a scenic archipelago journey by boat from Furusund to Stockholm please visit: for details.

Stockholm is often considered to be the “Venice of the North” and is built on 14 islands. The central part of the city can be explored by either walking, taking a boat trip between the island or by using excellent public transport: buses or underground. The city is diverse and combines a shopping experience for all tastes and interests; a wide variety of interesting restaurants; a contemporary cultural and artistic outlook with a historical legacy, which is at the heart of the city. There are many great and interesting museums, but centre stage is the Wasa museum, housing the warship of 17th century King Gustaf, which sank on its maiden voyage and lay in Stockholm harbour for almost 400 years before it was salvaged almost completely intact. This is a unique experience and highly recommended. On the island of Djugarden is Skansen, the living museum of Sweden. This is also a highly recommended. You can easily spend a day exploring the culture and traditions of the Swedes visiting different styles of dwellings, observing ancient crafts and sampling traditional culture as well as spacious zoo areas. – The Old Town is another lovely island with narrow alleys to explore. For more information about Stockholm, please visit:

Approximately 1 hour’s drive from the house is the ancient university town of Uppsala. It is a relatively small and relaxed city. There are many good restaurants – covering all tastes. Uppsala is a cultural and intellectual centre with many fine buildings – a medieval cathedral and the famous Uppsala university museum. For more information please visit: